RARE/D LIVE – Amazing RARE Art Competition

This is the Privacy Notice relating to the RARE Art Competition 2020 which is being run by staff at the University of Manchester.

The University of Manchester is committed to keeping your personal data and that of your family secure. The University of Manchester is the controller of your personal information.

The University of Manchester will process the personal information that you provide to us about yourself and your children by submitting your application. We have a legitimate interest this information: to ensure that we can consider your application and deliver our competition.

We have considered the impact of our processing on you and your child and we are satisfied that we have taken sufficient steps to protect your personal information and ensure that parental/guardian permission has been obtained. All applicants for our competition must confirm that they have obtained parental permission to apply and we will automatically contact the parents, using the contact information provided by the applicant, to inform them that their child’s application has been received by the University of Manchester.

You may withdraw your consent at any time (unless your application is successful and your art is used by the University of Manchester) by contacting us using the email address below.

If you are unsuccessful, the University of Manchester will delete your data on or by 14th March 2020. Winners’ personal information will be stored for a period of two years for regulatory purposes. The names and ages of the winners will be made public.

If you wish to withdraw from the competition or have any questions about how we handle your data, please email: rare@manchester.ac.uk

If you raise a concern with the University of Manchester about how we handle your data and are not happy with our response, you can raise a concern with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).